• runner

    HELP!!! I’m sweating my Lupita Nyong’os off!!!

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  • shart week

    Talk about a crappy party!

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  • Rooster

    The Help is making me yelp: I’m a hurtin’ cause she cut my curtain and now the water is squirtin!

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  • If you’re laughing at this, my wife probably isn’t – Part One

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  • Purvis two

    TuTu much craziness: Why they changed the name to (Go F Your) Self Magazine!

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  • St pats day banner

    St. Patrick Swayze Day: To all my pasty white brothas and sistas – It’s our time!!!

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  • i love my glock

    It’s not how big your Glock is that matters, it’s where you put it!

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  • Featured Image -- 2010

    Sort of like my wife’s step-mother, this post is quick and dirty…

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