CELEBRITUESDAYS: Bryce Dallas Howard! She’s a Dino Girl, in a Dino World!



Bryce Dallas Howard is on top of the box office with Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom with more than a billion dollars so far, but more important than that – she’s now on top of my Celeb list! Chris Pratt went through the garage like a brat, but she came marching out to greet the posse waiting for her like a seasoned pro and rose to the challenge.



I found a video online of her managing the crowd and just being awesome in the process. SEE IT HERE


Check her out – she’s managing a crowd of people, while signing autographs, while taking photos, and all the while she was being interviewed by multiple cameramen without missing a beat. That was seriously impressive. I’ve seen celebrities that can’t be bothered or do one or two and then leave, but she took care of everyone like a champ!




I really liked Bryce before, but meeting her has moved her so far up the list – she is awesome and I absolutely won’t hear any different! She’s hysterical making fun of herself on the new season of Arrested Development, great in the Jurassic movies, plays such an absolute pie-eating bitch in The Help and she even helped Pete’s Dragon live happily ever after; she can do no wrong in my eyes even if she was in Twilight


eat my shit.gif

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