PLEASE HELP ME!!!! There’s no two Waze about it – We need to get Ice-T as the voice of Waze!



Ice 3


They just brought back the Cookie Monster voice for Waze, but still don’t have Ice-T on there and I will not let this fundamental wrong go on any longer!  We must stand up and demand that Ice-T becomes the voice for Waze immediately.  Over a million people follow every word of his on Twitter each day, so it’s time we’re able to follow his directions out on the streets as well!  Join me and let’s help to right this unacceptable and avoidable wrong right now! Sometimes you have to stand up and say this is not right and try to fix it!


Also, is Ice-T not the coolest M*thafucka ever? Who doesn’t want to commute to work to the soothing sounds of “I said turnright Dunbf@ck!” Or “m*thafucka, popo up ahead!”


I’m short fat and bald and ask for so little, but this is a true gift we can all share this Holiday Season!


Band with me people and let’s make this world a little brighter!

help me



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