CelebriTuesdays with Lionel Richie

lionel meme 2


Hello? Is it Tony you’re looking for? Here’s me and Lionel Richie this morning. I couldn’t just take a picture like a normal person, I had to try and be funny and whisper “Say you, say me…” meanwhile, I end up looking like I’m in the middle of a seizure. Too bad there’s not a filter for bells palsy face. Next time me and Lionel are dancing on the ceiling – I’m just gonna shut up and smile.


#3 blurry


Lionel Richie was on the Today show this morning and he was walking out of the building as I was walking by. Ok, I was stalking again – same thing…You know it’s never a compliment to you when a 68 year old man looks better than you, but Lionel was rocking it and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut long enough to take a picture; thus me sporting the stroke face.



Public Service Announcement: My wife wants me to let you know that this only happened because I have a terrible habit of constantly ruining pictures because I’m literally not able to shut my mouth even for a second. After seeing these pictures I tend to agree…

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