Three Quick Things: KAPOOYAH!!! KAPOOYAH!!!

Three Quick Things!!!

Three Things

1. Everyone knows I love me some Glozell and would “get me a cold pop” with Sweet Brown any day of the week – but Michelle Clark is my absolute new favorite baby girl! Words cannot accurately describe this, but suffice it to say that the new way to fame is not won on The Voice or American Idol, but local newscasts gone viral! And for those fitness fanatics looking for a good beat to run to at the gym, here’s the autotune remix now available on ITunes!!!


2. An Oklahoma woman was arrested for trying to sell her kids on Facebook : Come on Misty! Everyone knows you do that on Craigslist, not Facebook!!!  

3. I have picked up a ton of new followers lately and they’re getting really heavy. While I put them down and rest for a moment, I wanted to highlight one that thinks my blog is “twisted and hilarious” which proves that he is obviously very smart. Peter Ellis wrote a post about possible memoir titles and hasn’t received a lot of appreciation for it which is a shameful oversight on so many levels. Click Here and let him know what you think of it. I might actually use number nine if I ever publish my memoirs!!! Well done Sir!!!

cold pop

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