Forget any of the singers on The Voice – click HERE and vote for something important in The Battle of the Bowls: Cintas’ America’s Best Restroom Contest.




Whether it’s where you work, where you leave the building you work in to “think and take a call” or whether you proudly strut down the hall like the pimp that you are in your office with a newspaper proudly tucked under your arm – we all have a favorite Throne. I have a 24/7 IV drip permanently attached and pumping a steady supply of Imodium AD into my bloodstream, but just in case – even I have a spot laid out if an emergency strikes!


This is one game of poker where the flush always wins!!!



Forget Washington D.C., real change happens when we come together and vote on important issues like these, so please go and do something important today – vote for your bowl to rock and roll!