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Just thought I’d revisit what people are searching for when they find me and low and behold it hasn’t changed all that much. The most common search term is still rugby bulges.  Also many different forms of my wifes’s mom dot com and Imodium shortage and a couple of notable highlights were ebony-goddess testicle whip & diana vagina.




Nice to see that no matter how much some things change – the basics stay the same!


Here’s the original post:





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  1. thought i would like this to add to bulge-hype


  2. “Rugby bulge?” Is that like a husband bulge? (Check out “Cabin In The Woods” if you haven’t heard the term before).


  3. Maybe I should start tagging my posts with “ebony Goddess testicle whip”. Is that cheating? Ahh, the things I learn from you.



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