Suh-Mash update: Hi Kai, Why oh why did you kill that guy?



I saw this and couldn’t help but update you on our favorite misunderstood hero. In case you missed it, here’s the original post:


It’s not a Village People concert, but grab your ax and start the “Free Kai” chants now!!! This story with him gets so much wilder the more we hear about him. Since he is innocent until proven guilty or admits that he smash, smash, SMASHED Jesus with a tomahawk again– I’ll reserve judgement.


Here’s the latest story about his arrest:




3 thoughts on “Suh-Mash update: Hi Kai, Why oh why did you kill that guy?

    • Oh what is the world coming too when the poor reality stars we obsess over and laugh at start to kill? I’m still working out the eveidence, but can’t help feel this is a direct result of the kardashians in some way…


      • Darn those Kardashians!

        I refuse to believe Kai is a killer. He just seems so …. weirdly sweet in an odd-ball way. But I guess if all killers *looked* like killers ….. o.O


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