CelebriTuesdays: Anthony Anderson – The Tony or A Golden Globe Award; which one is the real prize?

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Receiving a Golden Globe Nomination for Blackish this week is a great honor, but let me tell you about another memorable day in Anthony Anderson’s life – meeting me.




Sure, you can get fame and glory and international recognition with a Golden Globe, but it’s only just a nomination right now – not a win. To be featured along with this Imodium abusing superstar – now that’s the real prize!


Anthony 1


Anthony was promoting Blackish on Sirius and rushing out to his car, but did stop for a few quick snaps. He was telling us to take them while he walked with us so they’re not perfect, but he was really cool and nice. It’s also hard to be a jerk when you’re in your comfy clothes rocking Sweatpants and Gold chain casual for your interviews. Comfort is key and that gold chain is probably worth more than my car! He may be a trained actor, but these shots aren’t his best work. On the positive side, look at how well my bathroom selfie practice is paying off: My pics are on point and I owe it all to that midnight mirror practice.




Wishing Anthony Anderson much luck with the Golden Globes and when the Screen Actors Guild Nominees are announced tomorrow, expect him to be there too! Still not better than getting the Tony, but it is a great honor…



Anthony 3

Not the best shot, but seriously – I look pretty good!


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