The crazy storms and power outages have knocked me out of my routine and I feel that I’ve neglected you, but just when those celebrities thought it was safe to walk the NYC streets again, Immodium Abuser is back in action!     I must confess that although it’s extremely hard to fathom, I […]

  Receiving a Golden Globe Nomination for Blackish this week is a great honor, but let me tell you about another memorable day in Anthony Anderson’s life – meeting me.     Sure, you can get fame and glory and international recognition with a Golden Globe, but it’s only just a nomination right now – […]

  True Story, ABC news just announced that due to Hurricane Sandy’s impact on our region, roads are closed, trees are down and they’re anticipating extended power outages. The Governor is insisting that everyone impacted stay home and immediately log onto to catch up on the posts you might have missed. Now I am […]