It’s not how big your Glock is that matters, it’s where you put it!

i love my glock

I know that some guys are only fixated on the size of their Glock and not too picky about where they stick it. Some are obsessed with their piece, but for those that are a tad more discreet about where they conceal their weapons – have I got news for you! The new locker room chatter isn’t about how big your Glock is, but the bolder the holder you’re packing it in!


I know what you’re thinking; maybe your pistol isn’t as big as mine. Have no fear my friend because no matter the size of your piece, we have something for you: UnderTech I don’t usually do company endorsements, but had to make an exception just this once when I got their catalog in the mail today.

glock meme

No matter the occasion, UnderTech Undercover has something for you. Grandma’s got a birthday coming up? The Terrain Hobo Concealment Purse comes in Black, Brown, or Saddle! Your Mother got a promotion at work? How about the under desk concealment Plate? Your friend Jared got engaged? UnderTech Undercover giftcards are the perfect fit for any registry!


Ladies, I know that sometimes you want to be in charge and show him where to put his Glock – How about these black Travel Safe Short Shorts? You take control of that Glock and show Tony Danza Who’s the Boss! They come in Black or white in everything from extra small to extra large – just like the many sizes and colors of those Glocks you have in the nightstand next to your bed.

whos the boss

Let’s be honest girls, you know that one place you won’t let him ever put his Glock? Get him his own Thunderwear and you’ll never have that conversation again. The tagline says it all “These ain’t underwear, they’re Thunderwear!” The best part is that you can get Thunderwear in assorted sizes to conceal any Glock from a cute little mini one mini up to a large caliber barrel so you’ll find the perfect fit for your man.


Guys, aren’t you tired of buying her boring gifts she just doesn’t get excited about? Here’s a gift idea that’ll make you the hero – what woman wouldn’t rather get a pair of Black Concealment Short Shorts than jewelry or flowers? She’ll have all the girls at the gym jealous when they get a peek at her changing in the locker room.

short shorts

The website offers many more products and multiple shipping options so check them out and click here to have your own catalog sent. Taking care of your Glock is serious business, they’re not just for playing with anymore!

meme nightstand

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