Like those four moptops said – Help, I need somebody

Help on the toilet

No people, I ‘m not looking for bail money but yes I really do need help! I am undertaking a new project and need your suggestions to make it work. The full details are HERE but basically in order to beat out my mid-life crisis in a foot race, I am meeting the dreaded 4-0 head on!

In just under forty weeks, I’ll be forty years old and some say I have never looked hotter than I do right now. OK, no one actually says that besides me, but as I sit typing this I am sweating profusely over my keyboard – is this really a time to worry about semantics? I’m going to take on forty challenges of suggestions from you, my faithful brethren. It’s as if we were in a reverse cult and all of a sudden you told me to drink the Kool Aid or sniff the gas…

Who am I to argue with the Cube?

Who am I to argue with the Cube?

I need official, actual, specific, and more than most likely clinical, help from all of my Immodium Abusers. I am looking to you, my friends, my family, and my other random peeps that just like to laugh at me, for assistance. I’ve started compiling a preliminary list, but need more suggestions of things you’d like me to accomplish. Between now and the forty week mark, I will post about these challenges, big and small.

Here’s where you come in. Head over to right now and leave suggestions for my 40 challenges. I’ll be updating the list and keeping you updated on my progress and of course posting about it.  This is going to be a Choose-your-own-Adventure with an Immodium twist! A Choose-Your-Own-Immodium-Adventure if you will!

choose your own adventure

This will in no way be replacing or taking over your beloved; this is just a side project in addition to combat the forces of aging – sort of like Oil of Olay on steroids.



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