For all my Homies to get to know mes

Of all the questions that people ask me about this site, nine times out of ten there is some variation of “Your poor wife, how does she do it?” as the very first question. The second question is which is the best post to read if you’re new to this site and haven’t had a chance to catch up on all the older stuff posted here. If you fall into the latter category than today is your lucky day!

I’ve created a list of what I think are the essential posts you MUST read in order to get to know this site. Others are really funny as well, but this is where you should start. These are in no particular order, just a random collective to get you up to speed. I must advocate caution while ingesting these posts, as some of them are really funny. In the lab, some of the test subjects were known to lose control of themselves while reading – so avoid liquids while consuming them at all costs!

As an added treat, I will be reposting some of the oldies in between new posts here on the site….if you’ve already read them, it’ll be a refresher. If you’re an Imodium virgin and this is your first time getting a piece – Enjoy it! If your favorite isn’t listed here, let me know in the comments which one you’d have picked…


When I was mistaken for a retarded person TWICE in less than a half hour!!!

Assaulting Tom Cruise-Part 1: Hit and run

Assaulting Tom Cruise-Part 2: Great, now Rosie O’Donnell thinks I’m a scumbag

Just for the Holiday Season: My Famous Baby Jesus Story

One of my many Ah-Shit Moments (Literally!)

Who does this shit happen to?

Like I’ve heard so many times before “Wow, That’s a long one!”

Wanna hear something ironic? Imodium AD actually tried to stage an intervention with me!!!

Our Honeymoon Part One: Ain’t no joke, our bed broke (Twice!!!) and I had to call a bloke who was sippin’ on a coke; All because I gave her a poke!

Our Honeymoon Part Two: Forget finger lickin’- my masseuse was testicle flickin!!!

Drop a note below and let me know which one is your favorite.

29 thoughts on “For all my Homies to get to know mes

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  2. First … Thanks for following

    Second … Looks like I may need to stock up on Immodium just to be able to read your blog. Or as the wooden sign in our kitchen reads (ran out of room in the bathroom) … “I laughed so hard tears were running down my legs.” No shit.


  3. Thanks for checking out my blog and following. I am appreciative. I must admit I keep checking back at the top of the page to see if your blog really is immodiumabuser! And then I wonder how of all the hundreds of thousands of bloggers in the world, did you happen to find me? Holy crap! Serious serendipity. Did Imodium really send you those letters? I am curious because I have a theory that for me, Imodium caused serious liver damage as that was all I was taking. Nope, was not a closet alcoholic. Okay, enough of the serious talk, the favourite blog posting for me was the Disney World one,,because I always said to my kids “next time we go to DisneyWorld, I AM going to be in wheelchair so we can get to front of the line”, I don’t do standing in heat on concrete well at all, and I do actually have medical issues, so hey why not? I will try not to pee my pants and appear retarded.


      • Yes, obviously it was meant to be….the other “coincidence” is that over the previous two days I was thinking “I wonder if there is a blog about IBS? There should be. Where else could anyone talk about it? I should start one”….then you found me and you talk about needing the bathroom and almost pooping your pants all the time….a man after my own heart! lol I also wonder what comes first (as in chicken or egg), the anxiety / OCD or the running to the bathroom?

        I also loved your Honeymoon post….we have many common thoughts. My son is planning wedding in Mexico (yah, really looking forward to a week of “Mexican two-step ” to the bathroom….not.) and I thought about snorkeling, then next thought….OMG how many people put those mouthpieces in their mouth. UGH!

        Anyhoo…glad you find me, now I know where to come to laugh!


      • I feel exactly the same about snorkeling masks. They’re filth yet people don’t give it a second thought. I’m not one for the hot weather never a friend to me. I worked as a youth counselor for a summer on a cruise ship and every time we hit the islands I wouldn’t leave the dock. I’d burn and then sun poisoning. I got fired from there too – said I was immoral and abused the kids. They weren’t too far off but I was never sober


      • Oh, and wanted to mention….I was not even on the recommended dosage of Imodium, so obviously I had some sort of sensitivity to it. But I had taken it off and on for a long time….since it was only available as a prescription.


  4. Hey, thanks for visiting and following my blog, sorry it’s taken a while to return the favour. I like your style! Your blog is great. Laughter is the best medicine of all. I think your blog will become my favourite medicine. Nice to meet you and look forward to reading more! ^_^


  5. Hi immo! Thanks for following my blog–I will definitely check you out, looks like you’ve got a unique angle here. Hope your bowels stay calm this week, especially after all the Easter candy. Take care–ermigal 🙂


  6. hey is that monkey you? American have you heard of Catfish McDaris he’s another arse buster, he’s a meat grinder poet, fine man


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