Well isn’t she Sweet, Sheryl Lee Ralph liked my tweet!

picture of gary's hat

I posted my CelebriTuesdays: Dreamgirls Edition about meeting Sheryl Lee Ralph and Anika Noni Rose and wouldn’t you know it – not even a full day later Sheryl Lee Ralph liked one my Tweets!


liked tweet


She posted a picture of her trying on her friend Gary’s crazy pink furry hat and it would have been extremely rude of me not to tell her how good it looked – so I did. And then she would have been extremely rude not to like said tweet – which she did. It’s basic math: 1 + 1 = 2 or Sheryl + Immodium Abuser = now we’re best friends.


full tweet


Separately from what an awesome picture it is, exactly where was Gary and his hat when I saw her? Seems like he’s been holding back on the goods and that just ain’t right – friends don’t hold back. Obviously, Gary isn’t a very good friend and the whole thing just seems a little selfish if you ask me; might be time to trade out Gary for Immodium. Most importantly what we’ve learned is that Sheryl Lee Ralph has a bag man named Gary just like Selena Meyer does and that is totally awesome!



gary bag man

Sheryl, I want to be your next Gary the Bag Man!



My wife thinks the best part of this whole scenario is that anyone, nonetheless a classy wonderful woman like this, would like anything I tweet when my profile picture is so absolutely ridiculous. I take it for granted because it’s been the profile picture for so long and I don’t judge people based on their looks, but I can see how some people might be put off by the self portrait I use for my profile:



twitter profile picture

My actual Twitter profile picture from way back in my modeling days.



Keep coming back each and every week to hear about my celebrity stalkings, I mean sightings. I’m super excited about tomorrow because Mo’Nique is supposed to be in town. One part of me wants to get a picture with her, but a bigger part of me is dying to whip out a wooden hairbrush and see if she’ll wallop me like Precious in the movie.


wooden brush


Forget throwing a shoe at Jennifer Hudson, if I can get Mo’Nique to whup me something fierce with that brush – consider the mic dropped. Nothing can top that. obviously, my wife is in disagreement with me about the merits of this plan, but the really scary part of this is that she’s really crazy so she actually might do it!  Guess you’ll have to just come back next week and see if I got the brush off or not. Either way, Sheryl Lee Ralph – let’s keep working on our new friendship and don’t be stingy with that like button! No pressure Anika Noni Rose, don’t feel forced to like me and my tweets because Sheryl did…







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