CelebriTuesdays: Karate Kid! Johnny was fun, but Daniel-San was on the run!



They were promoting The Karate Kid reboot Cobra Kai and I didn’t dream that I’d have a chance to get a picture with Danny and Johnny together, but little did I know that I should have busted out my own crane move to get his picture.



William Zabka will always be Johnny to me, and he was a cool cat that stopped to chat and stayed around to take pictures with everyone. Sure he’s gotten older, but long gone are the days of him rocking those unfortunate headbands or receiving illegal crane kicks, but he was very nice and friendly.




As Ralph Macchio was leaving, his assistant was rushing him away to get him into the car, but he did still stop for a few pictures with the fans. I got my turn and had my phone ready as he wasn’t making much small talk and moving pretty quickly. We posed and when I went to push the button to snap the selfie – I must have had a stroke mid-snap because I pressed the button to turn it from selfie mode to front facing mode and I didn’t get the picture…He waked away after seeing me snap the button, not realizing that I’d screwed it up and she led him away. I froze for a second, not quite realizing what happened or how I could be so stupid…“Ralph – it didn’t take…the picture didn’t take” but she still spirited him away.



I’d just messed it up completely and tried to walk over to him again to get another shot with him, but his assistant wasn’t having any of it. As he walked away, my internal voice was furiously shouting out “Sweep the leg! Sweep the leg!” and it took everything in me to ignore it as he got into his car. I have no excuse for such an amateur move – it’s just plain stupidity after all this time.


sweep the leg.gif


So, if you’re keeping score at home – I’m one for three with The Karate Kids. Elisabeth Shue said I’m not that into you and couldn’t be bothered, but this time it was entirely my fault. I had my shot and screwed it up – but he could have just stood still for one more God Damn second, right? I’m not worried though, I’ll get him next time – just ask John Goodman; he thought he could run from me, but I wore him down too