Say it ain’t so – Weeva’s gonna go???

weeva 2keeva1So my teeny tiny little Weeva is retiring after thirty years so I wanted to repost this as a special tribute to my dear friend!

As a young girl sailing over on The Mayflower, Weeva thought about what she’d do when she got to the new world and set her sights on hospitality. Thirty years is a lifetime in any place to work, but in a hotel that is unheard of. She’s actually so experienced in hotels that she was actually the Innkeeper that told Mary and Joseph there was no room at the Inn before she walked them!

Who could have known the impact Weeva would have had on so many people that she worked with over the past thirty years. Certainly not the foolish young girl that touched the thermostat in the Sales office – once! Weeva shot up like a rocket, pulling off her earrings and grabbing her Vaseline –ready to regulate. You can do anything or say anything, but if you mess with the heat she will pounce!

I met Weeva as most men do – on Jdate! Just kidding, I actually met Weeva way back when she was still performing. It’s not that widely known because she doesn’t like to make a fuss, but Weeva was the original third member of Destiny’s Child before Kelly Rowland. No one could choreograph better dance moves than Weeva and nowhere is it more evident than in their Bootylicious video. Right in the middle of filming said video, Weeva and Beyonce got into a tussle over some autumn sunrise hair extensions from the Raquel Welch Grand Hair Collection and Weeva had enough. She walked right out the door in her blue fringe crop top and booty shorts and has never looked back!

Weeva’s capacity to remain positive through some really tough times in her life has been a source of personal inspiration to me and I know that I’m just one of many people looking back with such fondness today and thinking about this very special woman.

This is not the final act or closing chapter of her book. This is a new beginning and a starting point for so much more. I know that as she leaves here she’ll have a true sense of pride and accomplishment for her many work successes, but I hope that what she takes with her is not only those, but also the thousands of tiny footprints she has left over countless hearts through these past three decades. It’s truly rare that you can say that you’re lucky to have someone so special in your life. Weeva, if the depths of my affection for you aren’t painfully obvious, then shame on me. Love ya Babe!

6 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so – Weeva’s gonna go???

  1. Tony Tony Tony!!!!! So, I will be your only Mrs. Robinson, always! You are too much, they are just outrageously beautiful, thank you, thank you!!!!!!




  2. You are totally a doll. I loved it and it brought hysterical laughter and some weeping too! See you later, right!

    My very best,



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