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    If you think reading this one is funny, you should hear me tell it…


  2. You have a very selective memory. Does hitting me in the face with a high heel, breaking my nose ring a bell.. You act like I just randomly punched you. Or the time you made me test out your rope trap in the livingroom, several times, again leaving me with a bloody crooked nose?? No doubt we were animals, but you were not always the victim, you cut all my hair off, pixie cut, ring a bell???


    • Sort of like the time when you dragged me with that golf cart – it came out of nowhere!!! I think that the continuous blows to my noggin from the fists may have effected my memory, but I will concede that I do see your point about cutting your hair off – Sheer Genius I was not and it was not a very flattering cut!!!



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