Power Rangers kind of came and went out of movie theatres quickly, but I was fortunate enough to snag a few pics with these young up-and-comers. Obviously, meeting me was a good omen for them (or at least that’s the way I’m spinning it). They were in a rush and weren’t going to stop […]

  Jenna Fischer has a new book out called The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide; it’s about hard work and struggling for years and years until she finally fulfilled her dream and came face to face with the one and only Immodium Abuser! Or it’s about the years of rejection and hardship before she finally […]

I’m going to be like all the other hacks and take this time to talk with you about the Oscars coming up this weekend. I’m not presumptuous enough to believe that any of you are actually out there waiting around for me to tell you who to pick for your office Oscar pool, but here […]