When you find something good you want to share it. When you stumble upon something crazy – you want to shout it. Consider this me shouting. Immodium Abusers, meet Glozell!!!

Glozell 1

I am not one to tell anyone to stop reading this site to head to another site, but today I’ll make an exception: Glozell is an icon with over 1000 videos on Youtube. One glance will have you spending the rest of your afternoon trolling through her site. Her cinnamon challenge is my absolute favorite and has gotten over 25 million views. Granted, at least a third of those are from me and my coworkers, but still…Her ghetto hunger games video will make you forget all about Jennifer Lawrence and beg for her to be recast in the next film, her interpretation of Maya Angelou’s work will leave you speechless and don’t even try to tell me her Beyonce lip syncing isn’t hysterical…

glozell teeth jpeg

Check out the Cinammon Challenge video for a starter and then check out her Youtube page and if you’re not convinced after all that, you might be dead. Anyone that can pull off Green lipstick like this (even if it might be nail polish and not lipstick) is hysterical and makes me look like a sane person. Her sense of humor reminds me of a young Nicole Kidman in The Hours…OK, she is nothing like Nicole, but anything that reminds me of this picture again can’t be that bad now can it?

For some strange reason, my wife doesn't believe that I got this magazine to read about Celine's Floridian getaway...

For some strange reason, my wife doesn’t believe that I got this magazine to read about Celine’s Floridian getaway…

Check out Glozell and let me know what you think of her. If you’re already a fan – tell me which video is your favorite. If you don’t like her – there’s something wrong with you. If all else fails, your welcome for the Nicole Kidman picture…Here is her Cinammon challenge video (LINK HERE) and here is her Youtube page – Enjoy!

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  1. How crazy is the stuff you are writing about! Hey, crazy is good!



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