Back by popular demand and just in time!!!

Did you miss me? It’s been a whirlwind few months – our new baby boy decided that hurricane Irene was the right time to make an entrance into the world (cue the taking the world by storm jokes now), I started a new job in a new city, we’re moving again, and I just got a new weave. I’ve been neglecting you and it sucks. I totally get that bummed out feeling – You want something so bad but you just can’t get it anywhere and you feel cheated, upset and outraged…I hear you and just like that weird guy whose leg keeps brushing up onto yours during the support group, I nod my head and understand. Don’t worry, this isn’t an allegory about the Imodium shortage that forced me to reprioritize my life earlier this year, but I do know about disappointment. I understand how you feel and can relate – I’m addicted to Imodium too…

I bet you never thought back when you started reading this site that you’d become hooked on the little green stuff just like me. Admit it though – this little dose of immodium (Abuser) has gotten you through tough times and aren’t we all the better for it being around? Isn’t that the reason for the season anyway? Forget family, peace and harmony, it’s about confirming our love and recommitting to the Almighty Imodium AD! 

So at this time of year, no matter what you’re celebrating or decorating, I thought I’d roll out a favorite and help you start a new holiday tradition for your family: gather round all the loved ones by the tree/menorah/festivus pole and cuddle in close as we share MY Awesome Baby Jesus story and learn the true meaning of the season. OK, there’s really no lesson learned in this story, just a reaffirmation that I’m a little off the rocker. If you already know it – it’s worth another look. If it’s the first time you’re hearing it – you’re in for a treat. If you don’t like it – you’re an idiot.    🙂 

So CLICK HERE  for the greatest story ever told: My Famous Baby Jesus Story!!!

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