Still makes me laugh thinking about this crazy Hooka!!!

The only female that can pull off white hair like this The only female that can pull off white hair like this

To say that I have a strange relationship with my stepmother-in-law is an understatement. It’s not like when I wrote Watching Dirty Movies with my Wife’s Mom but there is an awkward strain. To describe my stepmother-in-law as a MILF is technically correct – it’s just that she’s a Mother I’d Like to Forget! It’s been awkward since she opened the door to greet us and I screamed “Oh My God, What happened?” once I saw her white hair. It was so white as if she had the Fancy Feast cat sitting on her head! Apparently, she had stopped dyeing it which is OK, but let someone know. To stop dyeing your hair all of a sudden is your choice, but give someone a little warning that the sight of you has now become scary. One week later, that hair…

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  1. HI-LAR! Thanks so much for the follow I have returned the flavor (which, today, in the Fancy Feast tradition, is Salmon!) 🙂 Jamy


  2. hahahah I agree! Give someone a fair warning on a hair switch so drastic COME ON! I have a hard time keeping a straight face if I’m caught off guard!


  3. This is so funny to picture. I saw an old co-worker a few weeks ago (two years younger than me). I didn’t recognize her, she had to tell me who she was. You guessed it. Her hair was snow white.
    I’m sure your M-I-L truly appreciated your frankness.


  4. I had to laugh out loud at this! Reminded me of what I did to my kids, I had butt length black hair always wanted to know if blondes had more fun… my children went to Disney for a week and I decided to do something drastic, I got my son’s hair clippers out and shaved my head. I bleached the little stubble and bought a sock hat and a short black wig. At first sight they thought I had cut my hair short, so I asked them if they thought it was TOO short, they said no not too short at which point I jerked the wig off and said “What about this?” The shock on all their faces gives me a laugh when I need one… bad mom I am!


  5. I mentioned imodium in my new post on the Adventures of Mr and Mrs Boring. I thought of your contribution to society…and crapping one’s pants.



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